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Wellness Counselling

Address your child's behavioral concerns like social anxiety, digital addiction, negative perceptions, shyness, slow learning,  etc. with our certified team of Cognitive Behavior Therapists 
Talk.  Resolve. Heal

Parenting is hard! It's even harder when your child has a behavior, anxiety, or mood issue. That's where our Cognitive Behavioral Therapists come in. Our team understands how to work with your child to help them overcome the issues that are keeping them from being happy & confident in themselves.

Counselling Areas 

Academic Focus

A large number of students are unable to maintain focus with a digital invasion of their intellectual and development mind space. Our therapists understand the behavioral patterns and work them to bring an alignment between thought and action. 

Behavioral Aberrations

At times a growing child starts exhibiting behavioral disorders, forms false negative perceptions that need immediate course correction. As a parent you may not be able to understand and address such concerns where a trained therapist would be required. 


Shyness & Social Anxieties

Inability to speak up,  unable to make friends, avoiding social engagements are all signs of social withdrawal. You need to help your child gain confidence and boost his self-esteem using a combination of mental soothing, stimulating courses, workshops & guidance. 

Adolescent & Teenage Issues

Adolescence is a very unique developmental period in our lives. Hormones are raging, and there is a rage to go change the world, challenge the norms, break free etc.. Our trained therapists will help tackle issues like teen angst, anxiety, bullying & more.

How it Works?






Submit your concerns online by filling up the Enquiry Form. 


Indicate your mode of communication.  Wellness Counselling Sessions are available online using following modes:

 a) Web Conference b) Phone 

Book a preferred time on the online calendar to take consultation.

You will receive confirmation by our team.

Connect to the Therapist using selected mode of consultation on the scheduled date of consultation.  

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