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About Us

Building a generation of young confident communicators

We are a team of passionate educators, psychologists, product specialists, customer experience champions who are on a mission to transform younger generation into Creative Thinkers and Confident Communicators. 


Our goal is to help young children overcome their  shyness & inhibitions that becomes a limiting force for them to excel in their Academic, Personal, Professional and Social life.   

Our Story

The journey of Constellor started under the brand name of Theatre Dots by Ms. Pooja Singh almost a decade back with her own experience of transforming her daughter into a confident, creative speaker from a shy, introvert yet a very creative child. Since then, the school has transformed hundreds of young minds into happy & confident communicators by its unique Performance Communication & SEL based methodology leveraging the principles of Montessori based learnings.

At Constellor, we promise every child a fun-filled, vibrant and engaging, holistic learning environment to transform from within into a confident, happy and a creative communicator. We believe that every child is a unique bundle of talent with his/her own set of strengths, weaknesses, limitations, fears and inhibitions. We need to nurture them with love, care, compassion and deep understanding of their overall personality before subjecting them to intense periods of learning. We enable such learning environments that can help them open up, let them be who they are, remove barriers of expectations that builds unwanted pressure leaving them shattered and drive them into a shell. 

Constellor is a division of TD Education Services.

Meet The Team
Pooja Singh

Founder, Chief Coach

Entrepreneur, Soft skill & Life skill coach with 15+ years of experience in training, corporate communication & PR.

Nikhil Singh


Entrepreneur, Business leader, and Product Manager with 25+ years of experience in building scaling & marketing products  & services globally.

Dr. Jaya Mohan

Advisor, Wellness Consulting

Psychologist, Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Wellness coach. 20+years of experience in providing support to people suffering from behavioral and emotional issues

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