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Assessments & Certifications

Get your child recognized for his/her acquired skills on a Global standards of Public Speaking, Performance Communication & Language Competency
Test Your Communication Skills

At Constellor, our assessment is not about earning grades or points. It is for the students to demonstrate their acquired skills against established benchmarks like public speaking and language competency.

We conduct yearly LAMDA exams and periodical internal assessments as part of our ongoing courses to help students gain confidence, build self-esteem and learn about their areas for improvement. 


LAMDA Global Certification Examinations 

LAMDA qualifications help hundreds of thousands of candidates across the world to develop confidence, communication skills and performance techniques.  LAMDA Examinations focus on achievement – aiming to provide each individual with the opportunity to succeed and empower their sense of self, which ultimately creates well-rounded individuals.

LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding organizations who have been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years.

LAMDA is an accredited awarding body of Ofqual (The Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator in England). Communication and Performance Examinations at Level 3 are recognized within the UCAS tariff for UK University entrance.


Constellor is an authorized LAMDA Examination Center in Bangalore, India. We conduct examinations in the following three areas offered by LAMDA;

Public Speaking Exam

Speaking in Public exams prepare our learners for a task that daunts so many people. Learners write their own speeches, researching the topics, creating visual aids and presenting them from memory.

Reading for Performance Exam

Learners taking their Reading for Performance exams are exploring the art of bringing a book to life. They are building performances around themes, selecting texts and forming them into an engaging recital by linking the works with their own words. 


Speaking Verse and Prose Exam

Our Speaking Verse and Prose learners develop a whole host of skills, from speaking clearly and using voice projection, to improving memorization and building an understanding of poetry and prose which supports studies in English literature.

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