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Young Explorers

Grades 1 to 3
Introductory course to build skills in imagination, voice and social conversations.

Course Objectives

Introductory program to acquire interpersonal skills in imagination, speaking, reading, social interaction and presentation.

Focuses on developing foundation skills in building their imagination, speech, body language, social and presentation skills. Students learn to creatively engage with the text they use to speak and present. The text used at this level include simple poems, pictures, short narratives and short plays.

Course Objectives

Course Outcomes

On completion of this program the student is able to apply acquired foundational speech and communication skills to overcome shyness, refine speech and converse socially. He starts to build his confidence to speak, collaborate and present in groups. Following are key learning outcomes:

Imagination : Learns to interpret and creatively respond to any external stimuli like a picture or a scenario, articulate and speak about it.

Speech : Learns to apply different voice elements to engage with text elements like short narratives, poems, and use puppetry as a medium to express emotions.

Read : Learns to read simple text by recognizing alphabetical sounds, emoting, develop comprehension and build vocabulary.

Present : Learns to present in a group using a combination of acquired skills in creative imagination, emoting, voice and body language.

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