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[WEBINAR] How to overcome shyness & build Confidence Quotient of your child? 


Build  your child's Confidence Quotient.

Be it class participation at school or social interaction, for children, shyness can be an hindrance everywhere. If not addressed and worked upon in the early stages of life, it may impact your child's personal, academic, social and professional future life. This session will provide you insights about shyness, its impact on your child's overall growth and a DIY methodology to enable parents to help their children cope up and overcome shyness.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Learn about the science behind shyness.

  • Discover deep connection between shyness & speaking.

  • Identify symptoms to determine if your child is shy.

  • Uncover a 4 step simple DIY process to track and overcome shyness in your child.

  • Learn how to build a SITUATION AVOIDANCE JOURNAL to track & mitigate shyness using DIY process.

  • Discover how a structured program can help your child in becoming a confident child.

Meet Our Speaker

Pooja Singh

Chief Coach, Founder, Constellor

Pooja is a seasoned Speech & Performance Communication Coach, with over 20 years of experience in the field of public speaking, performance & corporate communication, life skill coaching and training. She has worked with various corporates like Patni Computers, Citibank, Nihilent Technologies, to name a few as a Communication & Media specialist. Till date she has transformed more than 2000+ students globally.

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