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10 Tips to Help Your Child to Excel at School and in Social Settings as a Star Communicator

Ever wondered why some children are outspoken and some seem to be tongue-tied in both classroom and social settings? Often parents feel it's alright if their children are quiet. In fact such kids are falsely perceived to be more focused on academics. However, the impact of not mastering an essential life-skill becomes visible later in life when they are unable to communicate with clarity in personal and professional setups.

Here is a list of simple things that you can do to help your kids to open up and boost their confidence to communicate and thereby express themselves.

Tip #1 - Identify. Don’t Ignore.

If your kid goes inside a shell every time there are guests or if they struggle to participate in class, don’t ignore this tell-tale signs. The little one is finding it difficult to communicate with clarity and confidence. Identifying the problem is the first step towards solution.

Tip #2 - Talk. Don’t Rebuke.

Talk to your child instead of scolding them. Heart to heart conversations often play a significant role in boosting a child’s confidence. Make it clear to them that you are ready to help.

Tip #3 - Childhood is Stressful. Face it.

While we think childhood is blissful, it’s also a phase when a young person is expected to learn new things, make friends and impress the elders. It can get stressful. Don’t add more fuel to the nervous tension.

Tip #4 - Understand. Don’t Assert.

Don’t force your child to speak and write more. That will make them feel cornered. Understand that there must be reasons behind this struggle.

Tip #5 - Be Their Friend

You are your child’s closest person. Act like one. Be a friend to whom they can open up about all their life issues. Don’t dismiss their anxiety, rather encourage them to have honest conversations with you.

Tip #6 - Help Them Build a Better Vocabulary.

A good vocabulary goes a long way in helping a child speak and write with a flair. Encourage your child to read. Word puzzles like Scrabble can be a fun way to strengthen their vocabulary.

Tip #7 - Spend Quality Time with Them

Don’t make your child feel neglected. Spend quality time with them to boost their self-confidence. That’s often all that they need to communicate better.

Tip #8 - Never, Ever Compare

Don’t compare your child with another. That’s a major parenting mistake and best be avoided. Each child is unique, so are their problems and anxieties.

Tip #9 - Seek Professional Help

If you feel your child needs professional help to become a confident communicator, don’t shy away from the thought.

Tip #10 - Attend Our Webinar to Understand the Barriers.

Every child wants to express themselves. If they aren’t being able to do so, there must be some hidden problem that’s becoming a hindrance. Attend our webinar to listen to… and understand the barriers that come in the way of good communication skills.

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