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Talent Showcase

Participate, challenge, compete, have fun while showcasing your talent ! Discover your inner potential, prepare and demonstrate to the world. Build your talent portfolio with us.
Constellor provides a platform to children for showcasing their talent.
Learn. Practice. Demonstrate

Build your talent portfolio, participate in events, competitions, projects & stage shows


We organize periodical competitions and events for children to break free, discover themselves, build communication skills, participate and compete with each other in a healthy, fun environment.. Some of the competitions & events include the following:

  • Spell Bee

  • Just A Minute

  • Debates

  • AD Mad Show

  • Storytelling

  • Role Playing

Project Portfolio

Students are encouraged to work on various projects as part of their ongoing courses to apply their acquired knowledge. It helps them to research, collaborate and work together to come up with innovative concepts and ideas. Some of the projects include:

  • Speech research, analysis, authoring & presentation

  • Research paper presentation

  • Positive Daily News Letter

  • Book to Drama Script 

  • Book to Show Production

Stage Performances

Performing in front of a live audience requires grit, determination and skill. We prepare every child to overcome inhibitions, conquer fears and present to an audience with finesse and perfection. The performances are organized in offline & online mediums. Some of these include:

  • Theatre Shows

  • Short Scenes & Plays

  • Talk Series

  • Monologue Presentations

  • Poem Recitations

  • Social Conversation Scenarios

TAARE - Online Magazine

An online digital magazine published by students for students

Live Performances
Homework Ate My Dog - Morning Show
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